You look sideways uncertainly to make sure that no adult’s eyesight is focused on you and your child. Calmly. Fortunately, you are safe and right here and now you can confidently hop on a colorful, small swing. You rock like in the old days, and joy and a sense of total carefreeness fill your heart to the brim. Most parents have made these small misdeeds and although sometimes carousels, swings and other movable toys from playgrounds are not adapted to our impressive dimensions, we parents will do everything to experience a moment of blissful pleasure. It is not superstition and superstition, but intuition and own experience tell parents that rocking is an activity that cannot be overlooked in the process of raising a child. We associate rocking with an easily accessible lifebuoy, which is an effective method to overcome sudden situations related to toddler behavior. However, not every adult is aware that, in addition to purely organizational values, designed to evoke peace, order and family order, swinging a child has many other valuable advantages that affect its development and functioning. We decided to explore the subject of these seemingly simple, innocent movements that are an integral part of every infant’s life, or maybe we should write: “an element of everyone’s life”?

The benefits of swinging a child from the day of birth

  1. Sensory stimulation and proper development of the vestibular system – child rocking is considered by specialists in the field of SI as one of the best natural methods to stimulate the development of the senses. Shaping the sense of balance (the position of the body in space) and the kinesthetic sense (deep feeling) is a long-term process that requires the provision of appropriate external stimuli. The development of the vestibular system also means building “the identity of one’s own body”, control of movements, a sense of gravitational safety and proper organization around the center line of the body.
  2. Emotional development – a gentle, balanced movement along the long axis of the body affects the child’s emotions and feelings, acting calming, relaxing and relaxing. This broad issue includes, among others:
  3. building a sense of security,
  4. shaping social relations and strong parent-child relationships,
  5. calm down, calm down emotions,
  6. maintaining pleasant sensations from the prenatal period, stabilization of the nervous system of organisms overloaded with external stimuli.
  7. Strengthening of body muscles, stimulation of motor skills and coordination – rocking, rocking and swinging of children on rigid ground platforms, is often used by specialists and parents in everyday therapy and work with children with reduced muscle tone.
  8. Intellectual development – a wide spectrum of rocking activity, which includes, among others:
  9. influence on later learning process (reading, counting, concentration of attention),
  10. support in speech development,
  11. auditory perception and visual coordination (eye balance),
  12. shaping lateralization and spatial orientation.
  13. A great form of fun – regardless of age, every child will not deny himself the pleasure of hanging out on a swing, hammock, wooden rocker, or on the hands of a beloved parent. Toys based on vertical movement (vertical, up – down) are a real boon among the tools used to properly develop a child.

Rocking, swinging and swinging have a great impact on the process of physical, emotional and mental development of a person. These are facts that everyone should know to get rid of all the doubts about the benefits of providing this type of stimulus. Regular up and down movement is not indifferent to our everyday functioning. Science has proven many times that at every stage of human life (especially from the moment of conception to the age of 12), balanced movement along the long axis of the body is an impulse supporting the development of many life functions. In your parental decisions, it is worth reaching for such methods and educational tools that take advantage of the precious advantages of rocking. This is undoubtedly an act that we should not deny to anyone, even to ourselves.

It’s time to start rocking! Let the wooden rockers go in motion, and let us enjoy the safe development of our little ones … And thanks to the rocker, maybe you will have the opportunity to drink warm coffee 😉

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