Get used to cold coffee, you’ll never eat a warm dinner, sleep while you can – how many of us have heard such “helpful” and “uplifting advice” when we were pregnant. However, life verifies the situation and … very often it is quite the opposite. Motherhood completes us, we want more and better. It is also a great time for self-development and fulfillment of professional dreams.

Life will change 180 degrees?

A professional career plays a big role in the lives of many women. It should be borne in mind, however, that at one point the biological clock is heard, and with it the desire to have a child. The period of pregnancy is the time of preparation for the birth of a small person, completely and absolutely dependent on mother. For 9 months, we wear them under our hearts, we feel the movements, and in the doctor’s office we can listen to the beating of the heart and see the baby in the ultrasound image. We can continue to pursue our professional life or rest on sacking during this time.

Of course, there are plenty of kind people who advise and prophesy on how our lives will change radically. And at this moment they don’t mean positive changes at all. Many times you can hear: “sleep well because you won’t be able to soon”, “like cold coffee”, “forget about a warm meal”. They also predict, as we probably neglect, there will be no time to wash hair, paint or manicures, let alone talk about some self-development.

Yes, life after childbirth changes. And very much so. But it’s a change of beauty. No one can warm up the heart and give as much joy as a newborn baby, then a baby and an older child. Just looking at its development gives incredible satisfaction.

Mother, but also a woman and an artist

“Mother” – this word in the overwhelming majority first comes out of the baby’s mouth. Mom is the most important. In all this we must remember that we are still women and have our needs. We can also carry on professionally. The child does not bother us in any way, and it can even be said that we make various professional decisions just after his birth. For him, we want to be better, smarter, fulfilled. The child is our little motivator.

Motherhood completes us. We are not afraid to take bold steps and change the direction of our career – after all, we have perfect organization and planning at our fingertips. Especially the period of maternity leave is often marked by the acquisition of new skills that we only once dreamed of quietly. Therefore, not all of us decide to go back full-time, but we want to develop our own business. Many mothers create small works of art, such as wooden toys and equipment, cute clothes and textiles, jewelry, paintings and many, many other wonders.

Maternity leave and later years are a fantastic period. Because when a child appears in the world, we are born again. So it’s worth focusing on your development, besides devoting yourself to this little being. The reconciliation of these two worlds, although it requires effort, gives a sense of life balance.

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