The Montessori system is appreciated for simplicity, accessibility for the youngest as well as efficiency and real impact on teaching. Its goal is to strive to achieve comprehensive potential in every sphere of life, to discover children’s talents and passions and to enable them to develop. The joy of learning, gaining knowledge and experience, as well as the development of internal self-esteem and self-confidence, independence and self-discipline – these are all components of the Montessori educational system. Is it available only to selected children? How much does it cost to implement this method in child education? It turns out that it is not so expensive!

Contact with nature costs nothing!

The basis for the development of children’s potential is direct contact with nature, and it does not cost a penny. A walk in the meadow, contemplation of natural phenomena, study of wandering worms or blades of grass and flowers – these fascinating activities for a child are available regardless of the financial status of parents. Help in the garden or care of potted flowers on the windowsill – all these activities allow communing with nature and leave a positive mark on the development of young children.

Toys only for the wealthy?

Of course not! Toy sets, signed with large inscriptions: “to the Montessori method” is often a marketing ploy! The purchase of wooden accessories can facilitate the implementation of education by the way of Maria Montessori, but … they are not necessary. If you don’t have money to buy expensive and advanced gadgets, all you have to do is look around. You will certainly find plenty of accessories that will contribute to a great time – pebbles and sticks found on the road, chestnuts and acorns, wooden kitchen accessories, figurines carved by grandfather … really, children need little to be happy and develop, and the ambition to achieve resources toy advertising is the domain of parents.

However, if you want to give your child a Montessori set, you can use a special occasion – birthday or children’s day. The toddler gets a ton of presents from invited guests, and everyone brings a plastic toy, which – let’s face it – rubs the trash a bit. Nothing prevents you from organizing … a family drop-off! Collect money, buy a Montessori set and see how much fun it will bring a child to play with it. Importantly, by completing the cost-effective supply of a children’s room, you gain – the child is not overly excited by the presence of colorful gadgets, it is easier for him to focus and … contrary to appearances, it is easier to organize independent time.

Physical movement – activity is priceless!

You undoubtedly know that child’s development is best influenced by outdoor activities. Take care of a safe space in the garden, and you will not have to combine with toys to take care of something toddler. Wooden gadgets for arranging a playground in front of the house can be found at

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