It is important for us that our children grow up in a safe environment, spending a lot of time with people who love them, which is why the JUUPI brand was created.

We have created a home playground that is a great option when it is raining outside the window. Each of you can adjust the configuration and composition of our playground to best suit current expectations. When the weather improves, you can successfully move the fun to the garden, to immerse yourself in a rocking chair on a sunny day and to rock your body with vitamin D.

Children, from birth, for many years expect their parents and the environment above all to stimulate. Normal physical development supports the maturation of the whole body, including the nervous system. With a view to supporting the proper development of our children, we focused our attention on rocking, rocking. Hence the road to rocker, balancing board, swings was not long away. More projects are on the way. Such fun gives the baby and preschooler stimulation to overcome the next stages of its development.

Integrated development on three levels: intellectual, emotional and physical is the driving force behind all our activities.

Each rocker element is made of the best raw materials, i.e. high-quality wood – 100% birch plywood. Its advantages cannot be overestimated, it is a natural material, and at the same time very mechanically durable. It is also resistant to weather conditions.

The multi-stage finishing process of JUUPI products guarantees aesthetics, reliability and durability.

Don’t forget about yourself! You (as long as you don’t weigh more than 120 kg;>) you can forget yourself and fall into the “children’s” whirlpool of fun … JUUPI!