Children are born geniuses. It is therefore extremely important that the entire education and development process support their natural creativity, which helps prepare our children for later life.

The childhood period is a time of games and activities. The huge variety of attractions available these days makes it easy for small explorers to create an environment where they will grow great. Stimulating a toddler to both intellectual, manual and motor activities helps in a very friendly way to discover the child’s innate predispositions and talents. Especially creative games have an encouraging and stimulating effect on individual personality areas.

Creativity, because it is about it, i.e. the emergence of new ideas, solutions and connections between existing and already known elements is an expression of our uniqueness. We often do not think about everyday activities repeated even as in the “autopilot” mode, because these are our lives. Fortunately, you don’t need much to get more out of this routine. Much more and not just for myself. After all, even a murderous journey to the store can become a fascinating and adventurous treasure hunt.

Take cooking, for example. How much faster it is to prepare lunch or dinner in a clean kitchen without the tots bustling around (which at this time, for example, watch TV …). Meanwhile, considering that you can do something much more than just preparing a dish, how much better, nicer and more interesting may look cooking together in the company of little helpers so very curious about the world. Yes, slicing, weighing, mixing, pouring or washing dishes are all activities that require some efficiency, but how can they be worked out better than in practice?

Of course, safety is above all, which is why it is so important to organize the environment in such a way that the experience is the easiest and most comfortable, also for a parent. How many times a tucked stool prevented free work, and the pushed chair was splashed, strewn or smeared with butter, not to mention the lack of freedom of movement and always one side without back. In addition, the desire for the movement of our little travelers is sometimes so strong that the natural reaction of the brain and body makes them spin, jump or lean – in no case can not stand up easily. Especially when delicacies are prepared, which are eaten passionately nothing but give them energy …

When developing creativity, let children try, test, combine, check, search, and go crazy in a safe world, prepared by the parent. And all this in order to grow more fully, tame your fears, develop your imagination, better deal with emotions and be still hungry for more impressions and successes.

In addition, remember that each new form of activity allows us not only to strengthen mutual relationships, but also to meet our children, and games like “let’s do it together” is the best teacher of life, not only for the youngest.

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